Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ESPN reports that Jalen Hurts should be the starter

Watching ESPN today and one of the topics of the day read, will a freshman play for Alabama? The panelist stated that they heard from a source in the Tide's camp, that Jalen Hurts has earned the trust of the team and the coaches. They would go on to say that, Hurts should be the starter if he has outplayed all the competition. Nick Saban himself has said once a player has won the team he will play him. Put two and two together and I think we have our starting quarterback.

However, it is speculated that Nick Saban, being the mastermind he is, will not announce him the starter until the game begins on the 3rd of Sept, because he does not want to lose another player to transfer.  

Do you think Nick will announce his starter before the game or will we have to wait and see?

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