Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jalen Hurts Dominates in Tides Second Scrimmage today

Listen. If this dude does not start Nick Saban does not want to win. Hurts destroyed all competitors today. He threw two touchdowns and ran for a third. 
Barnett sucked throwing two pick sixes fumbling twice. Bateman also sucked, but did throw one touchdown.
Who cares that he is a freshman. I can't see him sitting out this year. Nick. Wake up. Announce him as the starter now.

What's up with Damien Harris?

I had high hopes for Damien Harris when he came out of high school a year ago, but watching him last year for the Tide, I was disappointed in his performance. He looked scared and indecisive at times. He had some good runs but not 5 Star, start me now type runs. He needs to play with a fire under his ass this year because the competition is real. Bo Scarborough is a true treat for the start this year and looked very impressive last season. Lets see if this guy can capitalized off his one good game on A-day and take the starting spot this year.

Jalen Hurts Will Be the Crimson Tide's Starter

The guy has done nothing but dominate since arriving on campus. Nick Saban has said players who have earned a chance to play will play and Hurts has done that. Lane Kiffin will have so many options with this guy they would be the scariest offense in the country. Think Pass Run option nightmare.
Hurts will be the starter. Unfortunately, this means we will have several transferring Quarterbacks, but who cares this guy will be with us for two more years. We will be unstoppable this year with Hurts in the drivers seat.

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