Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bo Scarbrough will break the NCAA

Bo Scarbrough is already receiving buzz as the next Derrick Henry. But believe this, barring injury, Bo will break at least three NCAA records and win the Heisman somewhere between this year and the next. He will prove he is not Derrick Henry, but two times better.

After limited carries last year, Bo Scarbrough looked like a run away freight train on steroids. Averaging 5.8 yards per carry last season, Bo flashed on limited carries. Against  Michigan State in particular, Bo ran completely over three tacklers and was still running full speed. he carried the ball three times for 17 yards but they where the most beastly 17 yards we have ever seen. He would get the ball on clean up duty when we had games well on hand, but there was not a fan in the stadium that didn't stay to see Bo Go and he did not disappoint.  During the spring scrimmages Bo amassed over 200 rushing yards on a very fierce Crimson Tide defense. Was there any running back that could do that last year against our steel curtain not named Henry. Hell, Derrick couldn't do it in the scrimmages against them.

Still not convinced, Bo is listed at a whopping 6'2 230 pounds, almost a exact replica of Derrick, but faster, meaner, and more monstrous than our Heisman winner.

The article reads Bo will break the NCAA, it says that because no one is expecting this guy. Defenses that are not aware of this beast, will be Broken, and savagely. Can anyone else see greatness here?

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