Friday, August 26, 2016

How to get jacked arms like Julio Jones and Bo Scarbrough

Julio and Bo have some very oak like arms, that I'm sure most of us would love to have someday. I tried this method and added at least 2 inches in 3 weeks to my arms. It want be easy but it will be fun.

Do this workout 4 times per week, allowing at least 48 hrs rest before repeating any one workout.

Exercise                    Sets                       Reps                        Weight Amount

Machine Seated           5                             Failure                Start with the heaviest you can curl
Preacher Curls                                                                       and drop down 10 pounds each set.

 Machine Bicep            5                            "       "                    "    "                     

Reverse Machine          5                            "      "                    "      "   
Bicep Curls

Standing Dumbbell                                   "      "                   "      "   
Hammer Curls             5               

Straight Barbell
Curls                             5                              "      "                    "      "   

Exercise                    Sets                       Reps                        Weight Amount

Dips                            5                            Failure                   none

Concentrated              5                              "      "                   Start with the heaviest you can curl
Dumbbell Curls                                                                      and drop down 10 pounds to the last set.

Dumbell Kickbacks   5                               "      "                     "      "   

Triceps  Pull-Down   5                                 "      "                    "      "   

Repeat Monday's workout

Repeat Wednesday's workout

The next week, start all over again. You will see results fast, as this method forces your muscles into overdrive.  I will suggest that you invest in some type of protein supplement, as your muscle will need it to recover faster between workouts. 

I can see it now. A stadium filled with jacked Crimson Fans. 


Jalen Hurts "em" it's nicknaming season, join in.

What's up Crimson fans! It's that time of the year to hash out nicknames to our Crimson Tide stars. I will post a few ideas to get things started and you post yours. The most popular nicknames among the fans get the node. Let's get started.

Jalen Hurts "em"

Tim "Killem" Williams

Jonathan "The Stallion" Allen

Calvin "The Riddler" Ridley

Cam "The Wall" Robinson

Blake "The Snake" Barnett

Reuben "The Force" Foster

Shawn Dion "The loaded gun" Hamilton

"Ready" Eddie


Ok. Let's here your names. Post them up and the final list will be posted before the game against USC.

Share this with your friends so they can join in on the selection process.

Roll Tide, Roll Tide, we have another Super Star on our side. B.J. Emmons runs a 4.32 40 yard dash

B.J. Simmons is faster than both Derrick Henry and Mark Ingram. This guy is faster than our Heisman Winners! He is even Faster than our beloved Kenyan Drake, the National Championship Hero ran a 4.4 40 yard dash. Thursday night, B.J. Simmons tweeted this:

We already said this guy will one day win the Heisman, and this may just solidify our claim. We are extremely excited to see how this Bullet runs during the season. He probably will return kicks for us this year and see an increased role in the backfield as the year goes on. Either way, it's going to be a great year:) Roll Tide!