Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kirby Smart tried to lose the National Championship and recruited Maurice Smith from Alabama

Lets look at the facts, last year Alabama's defense allowed only 200.5 yards passing and 70.5 yards rushing per game. Clemson had 405 passing and 145 rushing yards. During the game it seemed the Bama defense was always out of place, which in turn allowed Clemson to score 40 points.

Before the playoff begin Kirby Smart was named the Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach. My question was why not leave and prepare your new team for the 2016-2017 season. Kirby chose to stay until the final game. Sabotaging the Natty would have possibly affected the moral of the Tide heading into the next season, opening up the door for a rejuvenated Georgia Bulldogs team to sweep the SEC. He didn't factor in the Brilliance of Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin (hence the onside kick and 45 points). 

After a failed attempt at sabotaging the Natty, Kirby set his sights on weakening Saban's defense by drawing away his depth chart hence the Maurice Smith bonanza. Maurice had nothing to leave for because he would have gotten plenty of playing time with the Tide in that DB rotation, so did Smart offer this kid something greater than playing time?. Luckily he only got the one but you better believe he wanted more and will probably kept trying.

Of course, this an conspiracy theory but it should make you wonder. 

Derrick Henry Will Be the Titans Starter

In only two Pre-Season games Derrick Henry has shown the world that he is one of the best backs in the NFL today. Once again proving to critics(who are often wrong) that he is the best back in the world and the clear best option to start.
In High school, Henry destroyed the the all-time rushing record in the country, but critics still did not believe he could be a solid back in the NCAA. Henry not only proved them wrong, he broke SEC rushing records rushing for 2219 yards, 28 touchdowns and won the Heisman, all while leading Bama to the a National Title. Still, NFL scouts didn't believe this guy would transfer well to the NFL and he drop to the second round. Big mistake, Teams will and should be smacking themselves for passing this beast up. Henry will break every rushing record in the NFL and once again prove his doubters wrong.

Tim Williams is the best player in the country

Tim Williams is the best player in the country. I mean did you see him during A-Day. Nick Saban had to tell him to dial it down. The man is unstoppable. I must have watched his highlight reel from last year 100 times. I have never been as excited to see a player play. He is better than any Defensive end or OLB in the country. Last year he recorded 10 1/2 sacks coming off the bench. Lets do the math. Nick will double his playing time, meaning double the sacks, we are looking at Williams making a mind blowing 21 sacks this year.